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This expert Advisor is a system to get sending signals and for automatic trading of binary choices on MT4.

Platform prerequisites:

  • The signals are applied to each of MT4 platforms. (Signals for (guide) binary choices trading at MT4 or on particular sites.)
  • Automatic trading just applies to the MT4 platform that supports binary options trading.

To use automated trading on these platforms, MT4 doesn’t require any binary options plugins; binary options can be traded straight as a Forex emblem.

A. testing

The Binary option EA Expert Advisor differs from the normal Forex Expert Advisors; that it isn’t possible to directly check the process and results of trading.

You can test, observe and evaluate the ratio of wins and the effectiveness of trading signals provided by the Expert Advisor only in the “visual mode”.

(The automatic trading feature is not available in test mode.)

  • This Expert Advisor supports the timeframes M5, M15, M30 and M60, all Forex symbols with standard names (6 symbols) and their symbols for binary options (with the suffix “bo”).
  • This version does not support the M1 timeframe. (Will be supported in another version)
  • Recommended timeframe for testing: M5
  • Number of bars: more than 100
  • Recommended first character: EURUSDbo
  • Recommended server: ALTrade-Server
  • Visual testing bars: more than 5 candlesticks
  • Working hours: 0: 00~24: 00
  • In the signal mode (manual trading) and in the testing mode, the symbol can be a regular Forex instrument, as well as a binary option.
  • In automatic trading mode, the chart (on which the Expert Advisor is installed) should be a binary option chart.
  • The signals will be sent according to the symbol and timeframe on which the Expert Advisor is installed.
  • In the automatic trading mode, the chart period corresponds to the expiration time of the binary option, the expiration time must be supported by the platform.

B. Parameter Settings

  • AutoTrade (enabling automatic trading)

Set the initial value of the automatic trading switch (on/off).

During the operation of the Expert Advisor, you can click on the switch button (“Display Week”) on the panel at any time to enable or disable the automatic trading function.

If the platform is located on a website, or does not support automatic binary options trading, or you do not want to use automatic trading, disable the automatic trading feature. When the signal is first received, send the order manually in accordance with the specified direction and volume.

  • TradeStyle (setting up the trading style)

Choose a trading style and stick to it.

  • Investment (volume of transactions)

The Expert Advisor uses a limited Martingale strategy; no more than three consecutive losses and three additional doubles are allowed.

Making a profit depends mainly on the profit of the first trade, an additional doubling of the lot is only necessary to restore the main position.

The initial lot size (Investment) should not exceed 1/50 of the available funds.

The deposit on the MT4 account (in automatic trading mode) must be at least $ 700 (if investment=$10)

The risks are limited and controlled.

The value must be an integer and the smallest integer multiple of the value; when using a non-integer and non-multiple value in automatic trading mode, the system will automatically use rounding.

  • Lim_Inv (maximum volume of all positions)
  • Lim_Max (maximum number of orders)

Please set the value specified by the broker.

C. Signals

When the Expert Advisor sends a signal, a visual and audio notification will appear.

The on-screen notification contains the direction of the transaction and the volume of the transaction (the volume of the transaction is for reference only).

D. Trade

Sends only one order for each signal and each trade on the same account (automatic or manual mode).

Please follow the signal instructions in a timely manner when (manual) trading. Pay attention to the trading restrictions of the platform on the trading time and the expiration time of orders. Make sure that your network connection is stable.

If you have any doubts about the signal, you can make a choice.

It is best to stabilize on the chart that suits you.

In automatic trading, after opening orders, there will be no confirmation windows, orders for binary options can be viewed on the account (including volume, direction, and comments on the expiration time and profit).

The Expert Advisor has a simple and convenient panel for manual work.

For more information, please see the screenshots.

For more information, please see the screenshots.

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Donaldson Rassolim Filho January 27, 2021 7:48 am

Should you use the EA in the ideal time and pairs, then it functions very well, it’s far better than all the indicators I have already bought, using the EA and a small knowledge results in something positive

Jaanis Korvas January 27, 2021 7:48 am

A weekly evaluation indicates a stable job.

The following program would Await the program:

Adding the start and the end of trading.

For most platforms, BO trading is limited in time.

As an instance:

Hint 0: 00-24: 00 Trade 0: 00-21: 00

Hint 0: 00-24: 00 Trade 9: 00-22: 00

Want to Eliminate the next error message

2017.10.16 07: 45: 01.187’2215768′: purchase buy 1.00 EURUSDbo starting at market sl: 0.00000 tp: 0.00000 failed [Marketplace is closed]