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MT4 Telegram Signal Provider


Send your signals to MANY CHANNELS: Multi-Telegram channels, email, and send push notifications to this cellular terminal.
Scan requests very quickly: scan from seconds, not in ticks
Sending information about all kinds of orders: opening (such as pending orders), canceling, closing (including% partial closing), launching and changing orders
FILTER sending orders in: sequence forms (pending, triggered, modified, closed), symbols, magical numbers, and opinions
Manually or automatically send screenshots of the graph
IT can USE the possessions of graph screenshots in the delivered signals: resolution, background picture, templates …
5 MODES for sending graph screenshots: based on figures, comments, magic numbers, pattern and no sending
Send reports: current report, daily report, weekly report
FULLY CUSTOMIZE your signal text, daily report and weekly report:
Create your alarm text, daily and weekly reports the way you want, add pre-text, post-text, emoticons, lines …
To display, use the many available calculated variables: time values (second, minute, hour, day, month, year), order information (symbol, opening price, closing price, opening time, closing time, opening lots, partial closing lots%, ticket, comment, magic number, expiration date…), account information (margin, free margin, margin level) and other information (profit in points, profit in currency, Commission, swap, real profit …)

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EDIT order times (open, closed) in the local time report
FULL CUSTOM PIP Unit: accurately calculate the PIP unit for any symbol in any broker
Many available variables to use
Regularly UPDATE and add features required by customers.
1. Create a bot and fill in the API Token
Open the Telegram app
Type “BotFather” in the search input field and press ENTER
Click on the first menu “BotFather” in the left list
Click the “START” button in the lower-right window or type “/ start” , then click
Click on the text “/ newbot” or type “/ newbot”, then press ENTER
Select a name for your bot, then press ENTER or ” SEND
Select the username for your bot, it should end with the character “bot”, then press ENTER or SEND
A new bot is created, and Telegram will send you an API token
Fill in the API token in the EA input parameters by copying and pasting.
2. Create a channel (if you don’t already have one), add your bot and install it as an administrator:
Click on the menu in the upper-left corner of the Telegram app and select ” New channel»;
Give your channel a name, then click CREATE»;
In your channel, add your bot and set it as “admin” so that your bot can send messages to your channel.
3. Find the channel ID and fill in the EA channel ID:
In the Telegram app, tap on your channel in the left menu, then tap in the top right menu 3 dots
Select “channel Management” from the drop-down menu, then select ” channel Type»
Select “Private channel”, then SAVE
In the web browser, go to https://web.telegram.org/#/im
Log in if required
Click on your channel in the left list
You can see the line in the link in the address bar of the web browser, it looks like this: … im? P = c1234567890_9876543210987654321
Focus on 10 digits 1234567890, add the string “-100” before 10 digits, this is your channel ID
Your channel ID will look like this: -1001234567890 (13 digits)
Enter the channel identification number in the expert Advisor settings.
4. Configure Metatrader so that the expert Advisor communicates with Telegram via https://api.telegram.org/.
In the MetaTrader 4 application, click ” Tools “in the menu bar, then” Options”, then the”expert Advisors” tab.
In the lower validation line, select the Allow web request for the specified URL check box.
Add a new URL “https://api.telegram.org/” and click OK.


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