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MT5 iMA For Buy And Candlestick Chart For Sell


This is an automatic achievement of the EA multi-element hopper, and we welcome its use.  before sitting on the shelf, several tests of historical data were passed.  Below is the principle of the EA multi-element hopper: 

 1. automatic multiple accrual along the diagonal arising from two homogeneous lines can be set for two homogeneous cycles. by default, for small cycles, the middle line is 5, and for large cycles – 20. 

 2, comparing the price of the open card and the price of the final sheet to determine whether the reduction of the kline card is if three consecutive kline cards (i.e. three crows) are configured when EA is an automatic plane all more than one. 

 3, the user can set the number of purchases when opening EA, if not set, the default is 0.1 hands, it is strongly recommended to set this parameter depending on the situation with their own funds, in order to prevent an excessive share of investments in the case of small funds. 

 you can also set the average time during which the line is executed, if not specified, then by default it is 1 minute of the chart. this is the value of the ultrashort line parameter.  if you are a long-term investor, it is recommended to change this value.

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