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MTF Commodity Channel Index


Multi-timeframe version of the standard Commodity Channel Index (CCI) indicator.

Input parameters:

  • TimeFrame – the timeframe used:
    It can take any of the values of the ENUM_TIMEFRAMES enumeration.
  • TimeCorrection – use time correction:
    It can have the value true or false (look at the first screenshot: the first indicator is set to true, the second to false.
  • Period – the period for calculating the index:
    Maybe 1-99. If you set a value less than 1 or greater than 99, the value 14 will be used.

You can simultaneously use multiple copies of the indicator on the same chart.

The MTF (multi-timeframe) version is very useful for developers. Made using our own optimized MTF converter.

When checking in the strategy tester, use the All Ticks mode.

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