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Multi Currency Index New


Any financial instrument traded on the market is the ratio of a particular asset to a particular currency.

Forex differs from other markets only in that a different currency is used as an asset.

As a result, in Forex, we always deal with the ratio of one currency to another, we call it a currency pair.

The project, launched more than a year ago, helped to develop a group of indicators under the general name cluster indicators.

Their task is to isolate individual currencies from currency pairs. Since then, the indicators have changed several times.

Moreover, the interest of users and active discussion on the forum allowed us to develop certain methods of working with indicators, as well as create trading systems based on them.

Custom features:

  • Calculating the RSI from the user buffer
  • Calculation of the MACD/ZeroLag MACD
  • Calculating the SMA from the user buffer
  • Calculation of stochastic closures/closures without smoothing
  • Drawing objects (information objects)
  • Comment in the lower right corner of the indicator (about the status of the indicator)
  • Initialization of the used timeframes of currency pairs
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