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Multi Signal Indicator contains a whole series of intersting buy,sell and exit signals that can be separately turned on/off.

Signals :

  • Liquidity Pools
  • Liquidity Pools Forecast Projection
  • Reversal Blocks
  • Pinbar groups
  • Overbought/Oversold with Moving Average Band (5 MA bands)
  • Moving Average Difference

Liquidity is an important aspect in the market, especially for institutional investors, as they need lots of liquidity to enter or exit the market.

Therefore, institutional traders focus more on demand/supply metrics than to the traditional technical analysis tools and techniques.

Levels that have been hit will stay on the chart as gray lines. This way you can see how these levels attract price action as a magnet.

The indicator works on any instrument or any timeframe.

There is a demo version of this indicator available to use in Strategy tester. Please reduce the backbars to less than 500 for testing.

The default settings are for EUR/USD. Contact me for set file for other instruments if necessary.

You will immediately notice the use and the effectiveness of this indicator.

Thanks for sharing, if you are happy please leave a positive review and a comment.

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Don’t hesitate to contact me for support, setting files, issues or in case you are not happy.

IMPORTANT : Some calculations are based on the default Zig Zag indicator, which should be present in the root indicators folder.


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