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Multi Timeframe MTF Visual Stochastics Display


FINALLY! Stochastic indicator for MT4, which shows several timeframes on one chart! View the actual position of the main and signal lines in 4 separate timeframes instantly to help you make informed trading decisions.

A real stochastic MTF indicator is for traders who need to visually see what the indicator tells them on several timeframes, there are no arrows that simply point up or down, or numbers are displayed.

You no longer need to switch between timeframes to see where other stochastics are located! Stay on your favorite timelines and get an overview of them all!

You no longer need to wonder whether the up or down arrow on other stochastic indicators is the main or signal line, or what angle it really points to!

No more MTF stochastics that just look wrong, they are stretched or inaccurate and take up valuable space on the chart!

See if a cross has occurred or not on all timeframes, RIGHT ON YOUR TRADING CARD!


Choose your preferred timeframes (up to 4 in total) from M1 to Monthly

See the last part of the stochastic for each displayed side by side

Fully customizable colors, levels and parameters according to the stock indicator that comes with MT4

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Set up alerts to let you know when all your selected periods are overbought or oversold

Integrated pop-ups, push and email alerts

It scales with your graph, so each stochastic takes up 1/4 of the available space on the screen

Select the display of 2, 3 or 4 stochastics and manually set the width that each occupies.

Zooms in and out of your main chart to match your preferred view of the market

Select the same parameters for several timeframes or set all the same timeframes for them and show different stochastics with different parameters

You’ve heard the phrase “BUY LOW and SELL HIGH”! Stochastics are an excellent indicator of where this can be done, especially when several time periods coincide, individual stochastics on lower timeframes especially cannot be relied upon.

NEVER buy when the stochastic exceeds 80, and NEVER sell when they are below 20.

Stochastic is a key part of many systems, and oscillators have always been used to determine market waves and movements. Most professional traders use the analysis of several timeframes to determine the entry time and identify key areas for entering and exiting the market.

Having 4 key timeframes displayed instantly on one chart is invaluable for traders who use multi-timeframe analysis and stochastic.


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