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Multiple Strategy Automation


This Expert Advisor is used to automate one or more frequently used trading strategies.
Strategies are currently available:

– Moving Average crossover

– MACD cross over 0 line

– MACD cross over the signal
– Moving Average crossover with MACD signal Cross (uses parameters from Ma Cross and MACD Cross)
– Bollinger band cross

– CCI Filter for each of the above strategies.
– A hundred-part filter for each of the above strategies.
– Demarcate the coffee maker or each of the above strategies.

All strategies can be used to open or close trades separately, or can be used in unison.

These strategies are not pre-set, and should be customized to your personal trading style using trading parameters.
Suggested Use:
Pair: any
Timeframe: any
Min balace: any, recommend 1000

– MA Cross opens the trade, MACD Cross 0 closes the trade.
– MA Cross or MACD Cross 0 opens the trade, the Cross MACD signal closes the trade.
-All 3 can open trades, SL / TP closes the trade.
-Any of the above options, with CCI filter to open

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