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Multiple time frame bar chart


The indicator displays candlesticks from a larger timeframe on the current chart.

For example, the M5 chart may display H4 candlesticks.

This way, you don’t need to switch to a different timeframe to see a longer-term trend.

  • Support for all standard MT4 timeframes up to MN.
  • Support for all time zones.

  • TimeFrame – the timeframe of the overlaid candlesticks. Must exceed the timeframe of the current chart. By default, it is H4.
  • drawBackground – if true, the body of the overlaid candlesticks is completely filled in, if false, the body of the candle is displayed as a contour. By default, it is true.
  • borderWidth – the width of the outline of the body of the superimposed candlesticks. Works only if drawBackground is false. By default, 5.
  • WickWidth – the width of the shadows of the superimposed candlesticks. By default, 3.
  • UpColor – the color of the bullish candle. The default color is blue.
  • DownColor – the color of the bearish candle. By default, it is red.

  • If an even number of candlesticks of the current chart are placed inside the superimposed candle, its shadow moves slightly to the right (in line with the candle of the current chart, which is located slightly to the right of the center of the superimposed candle).
  • If the closing time is not New York time, the day may not start at 0: 00.
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