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The Commitments of Traders Ratio indicator belongs to the category of things that you don’t think about until you see the miracles that they are capable of. The indicator shows the ratio of the number of long / short positions in the report published by the CFTC Commission once a week.

If you look at the screenshot, you will see two (three) areas of our interest.

Important: MA is not available in version 1.0.
  • Zone 1: switching (red -> green, green – > > red)
  • Zone 2: Moving Average crossing
  • Zone 3: When used together with the COX indicator, an additional zone appears. You can also experiment with the intersection of the moving average and the Ratio line.

If one of the described situations happens, and your indicators installed on the H4/D1 timeframe confirm this, it may be the time to enter the market.

Obviously, the MWC Ratio is a great trend indicator!

Don’t forget to download the latest dataset from MyWeeklyCoT and copy it to […]/MQL4/Files.

More detailed information is available at the link

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