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This wonderful tool will allow you to easily and quickly manage the risk of each operation. Its innovative interface allows you to calculate the number of lots and the risk-to-profit ratio in seconds, keep your operations within the desired risk range and avoid bad times in your trading.
Once you have open operations, the panel displays a section with the details of each operation and a summary of all the very important data specified. Do not complicate yourself by opening many windows, our panel has quick navigation buttons that will allow you to access the necessary symbols, just configure them in the parameters and enjoy the experience.
This useful tool allows you to visualize the following information at a glance:
Information about the symbol
– Distribution
– The cost of the item per lot
– The swap is long
– Swap shorts
Risk Calculator
– Base amount
– Risk
– Lots (calculated automatically)
– Coefficient (calculated automatically)
Information about orders

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– Position of open orders (1, 2, 3 …)
– Order type (BUY | SELL)
– Order size (lots)
– Profit / Loss (displayed in the account currency)
– Distance (between the opening price and the current price)
Summary of orders
– Total lots of purchases
– Total sales lots
– Gross profit
– Costs
– Net profit


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