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MT4 multi-time frame order block detection indicator.
– Fully customizable schedule control panel, provides full interaction.
– Hide and show the control panel anywhere.
– OB detection on multiple timeframes.
– Select the number of OB to display.
– Various OB user interfaces.
– Various filters by OB.
– Notification of the proximity of OB.
– ADR High and Low lines.
– Notification Service (On-screen alerts|Push notifications).
Blocking orders is the behavior of the market, which indicates the receipt of orders from financial institutions and banks. Outstanding financial institutions and central banks manage the foreign exchange market. Therefore, traders need to know what they are doing in the market. When the market forms a block of orders, it moves as the range in which most investment decisions take place.
The market makes a sharp movement both in the direction of growth and in the direction of decrease after the completion of the order formation. The key term of the block order trading strategy is that it includes what institutional traders do. Since they are the key price engine, any strategy involving institutional trading can.

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You will see blocks of orders in real time on any timeframe, with the help of our control panel you will be able to detect ordinary, rejected and uncapitalized blocks of orders for the selected period of history.
Now you can receive notifications about the proximity of order blocks, we have on-screen notifications on MT4 and push notifications on your mobile phone!


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