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Netsrac SR Dashboard


Netsrac SR Dashboard

Note. This indicator cannot be used in the Strategy tester. The demo version does not work here from the market. Please use the free version of the indicator for testing: 


With the SR dashboard, you get a powerful tool for managing the most important information in trading. Assemble the setup according to your strategy and get the information as soon as this setup takes effect. Assign different points to the selected conditions. Choose from trend, daily average range, moving averages, reversal (daily, weekly, monthly), high and low and candle patterns.


With the help of SR Dashboard, you can collect some interesting settings. Just three examples out of many possible ones:
To fix the trend using weekly reversal levels: use the “Trend”, “Summary” and “Price Action / Candlestick” sections. For confirmation, you can also add the Moving Averages section. Give points (points) for each condition and get notified when the icon exceeds the minimum score for the alert.
Exit due to low volatility: use the ADR section and be warned when one or more characters remain below the minimum daily range both yesterday and today. Use points (points). You can then use stop orders to speculate on a breakout due to this low volatility.

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Pinbar Trading: activate the Trend, Moving Average, Pivot and Price Action / Candlestick Pattern sections and assign ratings. Get notifications when a pinbar has formed and dropped below the critical distance to an important moving average or reversal level. Activate the trend section to get a trend change as further confirmation.
These are just three of the many features that Dashboard offers them. Use the toolbar as a support for your discretionary trading. You can save a lot of time on the screen.


I will soon publish a blog post explaining the rich features of the panel. I am updating the link to this here.


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