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Neural Bar Predictor


Neural Bar Predictor is a fully automatic multi-currency expert Advisor that works on the basis of a popular variant of the recurrent neural network. It is enough to run the Expert Advisor on a single chart, and it will track trading signals on several timeframes of the main symbols.

The Expert Advisor opens an average of 10 trades per week. See the figure below with the monthly numbers of transactions for 2011-2021.

If your symbols have a suffix (for example, EURUSD_i), you should set the Suffix property accordingly. Otherwise, the Expert Advisor will not work.

The Neural Bar Predictor Expert Advisor works simultaneously with 5 timeframes of several symbols. Your timeframe can be any, it does not affect the work of the Expert Advisor.

Run the Expert Advisor on a single chart of the main symbol, for example, EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY or some others. The main symbols get more ticks, and the EA is executed more often. Regardless of the symbol of the current chart, the Expert Advisor trades on all symbols from a single chart.

Machine learning occupies a solid niche in the field of currency speculation. The Neural Bar Predictor Expert Advisor implements a set of recurrent neural networks. Machine learning was performed so that the Expert Advisor could predict the minimum and maximum movements on different timeframes.

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Fontsize – the font size for the Expert Advisor panel. Change the value if the text “gets out” of the panel borders.

Suffix – font size. For example, the _i suffix for the EURUSD_i symbol. If there is no suffix, leave the field blank.

Stoploss – stoploss.

Volume – the volume of a single trade. Set a specific value (example: 0.01) or a percentage of the available funds (example: 0.02%). The Expert Advisor prints a specific volume value on the Experts tab when it is started or restarted. Always use a specific value for cent accounts or accounts denominated in Bitcoin, rubles, yuan, etc. (i.e. not in US dollars).


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