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In order for the expert Advisor to work correctly, do not forget to drop the files in the terminal directory(…AppDataRoamingMetaQuotesTerminalCommonFiles)


NeuralLink is a new model of a fully automated trading neuro-system that uses an active neuro-scalping strategy. This system, which is based on a specialized neural network, is capable of continuous learning, transforming the chaotic realities of the market into a specific system, which allows you to improve the quality of opened transactions and remove most of the unprofitable ones. In accordance with the nature of the transaction(profitable or unprofitable), the neural network enters it into a specialized data warehouse, structurally divided into two parts, one of which is responsible for the ideals, and the other for the exceptions. Thus, the neuro-system allows you to protect the user from re-opening a losing trade under similar circumstances to the precedent. The system is constantly valid, due to the option of semi-automatic training, and also, the system, thanks to the parameters and software components embedded in it, provides frequent and repeated opening of high-quality transactions.




The Expert Advisor can work on any leverage.

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Deposit from $ 100, GBPUSD

Any broker, I recommend using a VPS server.


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