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– for the successful training bases created, I will provide the adviser for temporary use for free.
– training bases will be laid out as you learn.
– training requires approximately 20 epochs. 

Since the Expert Advisor is resource-intensive and the market is not able to process it , the TypeOfWork parameter with the Market value is entered.

It must be switched to any other desired value! 

Published for collaborative learning!

The depth of the input data set is 50 bars of the timeframe specified in the settings.

ThresholdOUT is not affected.

speed in some cases only affects a very large value.

In the training mode, we open only 1 order with a minimum lot with equal SL and TP. The graph should be uniform. In this mode, the profit itself does not matter.

Distance only works for MaxOrders>1. > MaxOrders>1> slows things down a lot.

LearnEpoch-an unused parameter for organizing loops in optimization.

If you delete the data_w1_[TF]_[INSTRUMENT].csv and data_w2_[TF]_[INSTRUMENT].csv files or change the PeriodBars in the parameters, the training will start again.

Location of C files:Users[USER]AppDataRoamingMetaQuotesTerminalCommonNeuro

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