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NewsCatcher Pro for MT5


The NewsCatcher Pro Expert Advisor opens both pending and market orders based on calendar data. The user can choose one of 2 calendars: investing.com (recommended) or mql5.com. In real trading mode, NewsCatcher Pro automatically downloads calendars, opens, accompanies, and closes orders.

Signal: https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals/866711

NewsCatcher Pro can trade any news from the calendars on any symbol available in the MetaTrader, including gold, oil and cross rates. To change the symbol, go to the strategy view.

The NewsCatcher Pro Expert Advisor works according to two strategies:

The Expert Advisor locally stores strategy settings for all economic data. Economic data is published regularly: Jobless Claims every week, and Non-Farm Payrolls every month. The Expert Advisor correctly applies the saved strategy settings for economic data. Strategies can be combined. When a market order is opened, the EA deletes the pending order in the same direction.

Color preset – color scheme.

Fontsize – the font size.

Pending orders follow price-pending orders follow the price. Following the price stops 10 seconds before the event.

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Global step for pending orders – global step for pending orders. The letter ” g ” in the event view allows you to override the value.

Global takeprofit – global takeprofit. The letter ” g ” overrides the value.

Global trail – global trail. The letter ” g ” overrides the value.

Global stoploss – global stoploss. The letter ” g ” overrides the value.

Global volume , the global volume. Fixed value (example: 0.02) or percentage of available funds (example: 0.1%). The letter ” g ” overrides the value.

Slip – the slip, the excess of which prohibits the transaction.

Testing mode – if there are no downloaded calendars, use the value “Demo_Calendar”for testing. The results cannot be taken into account, as the demo calendar is a random event.

Zero auto (mins) – auto zero (minutes after opening a trade). The Expert Advisor tries to set a stop loss on the opening line. Zero to disable.

buy – buy on the current symbol.

sell – sell on the current symbol.

pending – 2 pending stop orders from the current price. Pending orders can follow the price (Pending orders follow price = true).

rev. on slip-expands the trade if the slip exceeds the value of the Slip property.

dynamic-enables a dynamic trail.

zero now-sets the stop loss on the opening line as soon as possible (breakeven withdrawal).

sounds-enables sounds.

lock-binds all column actions to the symbol of the current graph.

clear targets-removes the target levels.

rm instant-closes all market orders.

rm pending-closes all pending orders.

rm profit-closes all profitable orders.

rm loss-closes all unprofitable orders.

remove all-closes all market and pending orders.

Click on the currency in the Expert Advisor interface to quickly switch to the corresponding chart.

Click the event in the Expert Advisor interface to open additional event settings.

The dot opposite the “next event” flashes when the Expert Advisor receives new data. It flashes more often the closer the time of the event is.


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