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Night scalper on the Quiet Market indicator. Does not use martingale, sets a hard stop loss for each order. Trading is conducted in a calm market from overbought and oversold levels. The Expert Advisor has many settings, which allows you to manage the strategy at your discretion. The recommended timeframe is H1, the leverage is 1:100, the initial deposit is from 20 USD. It is advisable not to turn on the Expert Advisor during the release of important news. In order to stop trading, it is enough to press the PAUSE button. The robot uses a virtual take profit, which allows you to close the profit from 1 point.

Before buying, carefully test the demo version. If you have any questions, write in the comments, we will definitely answer.

Basic Settings

  • Auto lot – automatic lot. It is calculated using the formula Balance/Auto Lot*0.01, where 0.01 is the minimum possible lot on the trading account;
  • Order Lot – fixed lot, if the Auto Lot parameter = 0;
  • Virtual Stop Loss – virtual stop loss;
  • Virtual Take Profit – virtual take profit;
  • Slippage – the maximum allowable slippage;
  • Magic number – magic number;

Indicator Settings

  • Timeframe – a timeframe for monitoring the market;
  • Filter Signals-filter signals in a calm market (shows no more than 1 arrow at each lull);
  • Sensitivity from 1 to 3 – the sensitivity of the indicator. 1-take into account all overbought and oversold levels, 2 – only medium and strong levels, 3 – only strong levels;
  • Start Hour (Signals) – the hour of the beginning of the signal detection;
  • End Hour (Signals) – stop hour;
  • Show arrows – display / do not display arrows on the chart;
  • Signal Allert-notify when a signal appears;

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Additional settings

  • Trailing Stop (0 – not active) – trailing stop (if set to 0 – disabled);
  • Trailing Step-the step of the trailing stop;
  • Breakeven Start (0 – not active) – breakeven start (if the value is 0 – breakeven is disabled);
  • Breakeven – breakeven in points;

Graphics Settings

  • Control Panel-output of the control panel. This panel allows you to control the closing of transactions directly from the currency pair. It also allows you to pause trading. When you click on the pause button, new orders are not opened, the Expert Advisor leads all open orders to the end;
  • Info Panel – information panel (show / don’t show);
  • Color Buy – the color of the purchase orders;
  • Color Sell – the color of the sell orders;
  • Color Info – the color of the main information;


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