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This trading algorithm is designed for trading on low volatility: at night, before the opening of the London session, or on low-volatility instruments. The robot allows you to flexibly configure trading parameters, including the risk level for each trade, which allows you to maintain a balance between the expected yield and drawdown.

The robot captures the profit using Trailing Stop.

Despite the fact that the algorithm includes filters for trading signals, it is not recommended to use it in conditions of high volatility and especially during the publication of significant macroeconomic news.

  • BBPeriod – period of the BolingerBands indicator
  • BBDev – distance of the BolingerBands bands from the mean, expressed in standard deviations
  • StdDevPeriod – standard deviation period
  • StdDevFilter – the maximum allowed value of the standard deviation for trading
  • SpreadFilter – the maximum allowed value for trading spread for trading
  • TrailingStart-the profit of the open position in points, after which the “pull-up” of the Stop Loss will begin
  • TrailStep-TraingStop offset step
  • SL-Stop Loss when opening a position
  • RiskPercent – the percentage of capital exposed to risk at the time of opening a position (excluding possible Stop Loss slippages
  • TradeStartHour – the hour in server time from which it is allowed to open positions
  • TradeStopHour-an hour according to the server time, after which it is forbidden to open positions
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