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the Expert Advisor can transaction multiple currencies. view the comprehensive information ( on the webpages of our signs.

Not a grid! Not a martingale! No manual configuration is required! Each trade is protected by a stop loss.

The EA just transactions at night for a short period of time at the end of the New York session.

it uses the moments of low volatility on the EURUSD pair and enters transactions based on the indexes. The job uses lively stop-losses and take-profits, which are also set according to the indicators. The safe mode based on the Bollinger bands further reduces possible losses.

The Expert Advisor’s trading can be viewed on the signal:


  • Custom Magic – a unique magic number to identify the Expert Advisor and the currency pair.
  • Custom Comment-comment on transactions.
  • Custom Set Marker-ID of several settings for each pair.
  • Using FIFO-compatibility with FIFO rules when “Using FIFO = true”. In this case, the Expert Advisor opens only 1 trade per timeframe.
  • Maximum allowed spread – the maximum allowed spread.
  • Use dynamic Money Management-automatically determines the lot size.
  • Use only fixed Lot-Size – fixed lot size when dynamic money management is disabled.
  • Risk – the risk per trade.
  • Max trades per session – the maximum number of trades per session.
  • Max Lot-Size – the maximum lot size per trade.
  • Use swap-Filter – if enabled, the EA will not open trades for some time before the occurrence of a negative swap of the specified value.
  • Swap Rollover Hour of Your Broker – the hour (GMT) at which the broker charges or debits swaps to/from your account.
  • In Minutes Swap Check to Prevent trading – the number of minutes to check the swap.
  • Max Minus Swap Allowed – the maximum value of the swap for the full lot (a positive number).
  • Use Newsfilter – set the value to true to use the news filter.
  • Add Currencies Show-display the news for the specified currencies.
  • Add Currencies Block – do not display the news for the specified currencies.
  • Length of the Prefix your provider uses – the length of the prefix used by the provider.
  • Distance from left for news label – the distance of the news labels from the left edge.
  • Distance from above for News label – the distance of the news labels from the top edge.
  • Use Hidden StopLoss and TakeProfit – the use of hidden stop loss and take profits.
  • Reverse closing – use Bollinger indicators to reduce possible losses.
  • Is New York in DST-set to true if New York switched to daylight Saving time (in spring).
  • GMT Offset in hours: FOR TESTING ONLY! – GMT time offset.
  • Trade On Sunday-specify true for trading on Sundays.
  • remoteDisableFunctionality – if true, trading will be suspended when the signal provider manually pauses trading.
  • Remote reduce risk – if true, you can select a reduced risk for trading the Expert Advisor.
  • Remote reduce risk factor – the risk factor that will be applied to the default risk in reduced risk mode.
  • Receive notifications-receive notifications about the actions of the Expert Advisor.
  • News source – a news source for using the news filter.
  • Switch off source-url for remote shutdown
  • vesion check url – The url for checking versions.
  • Overwrite Trading Time: GMT0 only! – setting the trading time.
  • Trading start hour – the hour when trading starts.
  • Trading start minute – the minute to start trading.
  • Trading end hour – the trading end hour.
  • Trading end minute – the minute when trading ends.
  • Closing start hour – the closing start hour.
  • Closing start minute – the minute when closing starts.
  • Closing end hour – the closing end hour.
  • Closing end minute – the closing end minute.
  • Use correlation bounce – do not trade currencies with a similar trend.
  • Correlations – bounce values.
  • Optimization Values – values for optimizing the behavior of the Expert Advisor.

It is recommended, though not necessarily, to choose ECN brokers with five-digit quotes.

It is recommended, though not necessarily, to choose ECN brokers with five-digit quotes.

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Martin January 28, 2021 5:38 am

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neotradefx January 28, 2021 5:38 am

After nearly 1 month of usage, I could say that the ea is quite rewarding, sometimes has some reduction but it’s recovered pretty quikly and thus don’t be concerned about it and follow the information posted frequently on signal page. Ugur is also very nice and friendly person who works hard to make the ea more profitable as possible.

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