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Night Walker EURUSD


The Night Walker Expert Advisor is based on the idea of analyzing the night price behavior and finding patterns. It is no secret that it is at the close of the trading day that most intraday trading deals are closed, and the market reacts to this!

The peculiarity of the Night Walker Expert Advisor trading is that it collects a small profit, but almost no losses. In any case, the position has SL and TP and in case of incorrect position determination, you will never lose your deposit.

Night Walker does not use a grid or martingale to average positions!

Night Walker does not use a grid or martingale to average positions!


Just drag the Expert Advisor to the EURUSD chart and select the M30 timeframe (recommended), while no set files are required.


If you want to optimize the settings of the Expert Advisor, then I recommend optimizing these parameters:

  • TP
  • SL
  • CCI_1 (0.5-1.5-in 0.1 increments)
  • RSI_1 (0.5-1.5-in 0.1 increments)
  • MACD_1 (0.5-1.5-in 0.1 increments)
  • Price_1 (0.5-1.5-in 0.1 increments)

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It is recommended to use the Expert Advisor from ECN brokers with a low spread and with a minimum level of freezing of the SL and TP installation.

The Expert Advisor works only with 5-digit quotes and is optimized for the EURUSD currency pair.

Minimum recommended account size: $200


important: The adviser opens deals mostly during the day, but with a good position, he can open a deal at night.

The EA uses fixed stop loss and take profit levels to minimize negative slippage when exiting.

The Expert Advisor opens only one transaction for one currency pair at a time.

WARNING: Do not forget that past performance does not guarantee profit in the future. I always recommend that you first run the EA on a demo account or on a real one with a very low level of risk. This will allow you to better understand how the ADVISER makes transactions and fixes profits and losses. This will allow you to overcome emotions and not let fear take hold of you during trading.


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