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NightSniper is a fully automatic expert advisor.



– The Expert Advisor trades on several currency pairs from a single chart
– The Expert Advisor uses the optimal parameters for each currency pair and does not require optimization
– The Expert Advisor uses the minimum number of input parameters available for understanding
– The EA does not enter trades with inflated spreads(Max_Spread=4 – not available for change, specified for 4-digit quotes, for 5-digit quotes
recalculated automatically)
– The Expert Advisor sets a fixed stop loss and take profit for all orders(not available for change)
– The Expert Advisor does not risk more than Max_Risk percent of the deposit
– The Expert Advisor automatically calculates the order volume at Lot=0 based on the Max_Risk/Trade_Pairs value
– The Expert Advisor brings the take profit closer to the order opening price in the event of an unfavorable market situation
– The Expert Advisor uses different magic numbers and the first digits are always equal to Magic
– The Expert Advisor may not open any order if the Lot value is overstated and the Max_Risk value is underestimated

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– The Expert Advisor can be installed on any currency pair and any time frame


– Use the default Expert Advisor settings
-Any 4-or 5-digit broker with a narrow spread and fast execution of orders is suitable for trading
– The minimum recommended deposit is $100
-Before using it on a live account, test the Expert Advisor with the default parameters


Slippage – price slippage
Magic – base magic number
Lot – the order volume, when Lot=0 is automatically calculated taking into account Max_Risk/Trade_Pairs
Max_Risk – the percentage of the deposit at risk for the day


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