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NightSniperMT5 is a fully automatic expert Advisor.


– The EA trades 7 currency pairs from one chart simultaneously(USDCHF, GBPUSD, EURUSD,USDJPY,USDCAD, AUDUSD,NZDUSD)
– The Expert Advisor uses the optimal parameters for each currency pair and does not need to adjust the parameters
– The Expert Advisor is resistant to temporary communication interruptions or short-term computer shutdown. After turning on the computer, the Expert Advisor will pick up its own
orders and will confidently continue trading.
– The Expert Advisor does not use risky methods
– The Expert Advisor uses the minimum number of input parameters available for understanding
– The EA does not enter trades with inflated spreads(Max_Spread=4, specified for 4-digit quotes, recalculated for 5-digit quotes
– The Expert Advisor sets a fixed stop loss and take profit for all orders(not available for change)
– The Expert Advisor does not risk more than Max_Risk percent of the deposit
– The Expert Advisor automatically calculates the order volume at Lots=0 based on the Max_Risk value
– The Expert Advisor brings the take profit closer to the order opening price in the event of an unfavorable market situation

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– The Expert Advisor uses different magic numbers and the first digits are always equal to Magic
– The Expert Advisor always works only with its own orders, even if you decide to trade manually at the same time.
– The Expert Advisor may not open any orders if the Lot value is overstated and the Max_Risk value is underestimated
– The Expert Advisor can be installed on any currency pair and any time frame
– The Expert Advisor’s money management system takes into account stoploss, spread, commissions, swap and balance


– Use the default Expert Advisor settings
-Any 4-or 5-digit broker with a narrow spread and fast execution of orders is suitable for trading
– The minimum recommended deposit is $100
-Before using it on a live account, test the Expert Advisor with the default parameters


Slippage – price slippage
Magic – base magic number
Lots – the order volume, when Lots=0 is automatically calculated taking into account Max_Risk
Max_Risk – the percentage of the deposit at risk for the day
Max_Spread – the maximum spread at which the EA is allowed to open positions(specified for 4-digit quotes, for
The 5-digit number is recalculated automatically)
Trade_Pairs – the number of simultaneously traded currency pairs
Trade_Hour – the trading hour of the Expert Advisor(in the settings it is specified for brokers with the server time GMT 2, the value does not change if
the broker switches to daylight saving time. If the broker’s server time is GMT 0, then Trade_Hour=22)
USDCHF-true-trading on this symbol is allowed, false-prohibited
GBPUSD-true-trading on this symbol is allowed, false-prohibited
EURUSD-true-trading on this symbol is allowed, false-prohibited
USDCAD-true-trading on this symbol is allowed, false-prohibited
USDJPY-true-trading on this symbol is allowed, false-prohibited
AUDUSD-true-trading on this symbol is allowed, false-prohibited
NZDUSD-true-trading on this symbol is allowed, false-prohibited


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