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NN8D Points is one of the indicators that are included in the NN8D Trading System (Nikolsky’s Nesting Doll – Nikolsky’s Matryoshka).

NN8D Points is an indicator that contains several tools for analyzing the Forex market: candle analysis and a zone system.

NN8D Points produces not a simple average of the opening price, closing the highs or lows, and a comprehensive analysis of the current and previous bars on different indicators: the color of the bars; the size of the bars bodies; analysis of tailings bars; analysis of cores bars (the average of the prices of opening and closing, as well as between the minima and maxima); analysis of the volume bars according to a formula (which is unique at the moment), which determines in what direction the bar was the most powerful movement – up or down; Association analysis of the above indicators of the current bar with the same indicators for the previous bars, after which the indicator Points NN8D outputs signals on the chart in the form of points of a certain type and color that signal the presence of a trend and the strength of the trend.

The NN8D Points indicator has a built-in Zoom module.System (ZoSi), which is an alternative to the levels. This module analyzes the chart and finds not levels, but a cluster of quotes, that is, places on the chart where the price has been for a longer period of time. The zonal system period can be changed in the indicator settings. The larger the period value, the stronger the zones the indicator detects, but it becomes less sensitive to sharp price reversals, so the indicator period is either selected to your taste, or used by default (the default value is tested on all timeframes and six major currency pairs, so it is the optimal value and does not need to be changed).


  • Area Width – the thickness of the zone lines
  • Area Period – the number of bars for pinning zones. The larger the period value, the stronger the indicator detects the zones, but it becomes less sensitive to sharp price reversals.
  • Area Auto Period-the number of bars for fixing zones is selected automatically: M1 – 5; M5-3; M15-4; M30-4; H1-4; H4-6; D1 – 5; W1-5; MN1 – 3
    • True-enable
    • False-disable
  • Area Type – type of zones
    • Tail – the tail bars: High (high bar) and Low (the low of the bar)
    • Body-by bar bodies: Open (bar opening) and Close (bar closing)
  • Area Filter – filtering zones (removing extra lines), if the higher zone falls inside the lower one (this happens when there is a long flat in the market)
    • True-enable
    • False-disable
  • Tester – testing by history. Displaying a vertical line to select the bar from which the zones will be calculated, to check how the zones were displayed at a certain time.
  • True-enable
  • False-disable
  • Tail – the tail bars: High (high bar) and Low (the low of the bar)
  • Body-by bar bodies: Open (bar opening) and Close (bar closing)
  • True-enable
  • False-disable

Checklist for purchase (Buy):

Checklist for sale (Sell):

It is advisable to combine the signals on the checklist with the current and higher timeframes when opening an order. It is recommended to combine signals from the M5-H1 timeframes.

Checklist for closing:

The opposite signal was received on the checklist from the current or lower timeframe.

It is recommended to close the order on the lower timeframe if there is high volatility in the market and the candle on the current timeframe flies against the open order, and the opposite signal is not observed on the current timeframe.

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