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Let’s be honest.

Do you still believe in the beautiful pictures from the strategy tester and are ready to buy a pig in a poke for a lot of money? Then this robot is not for you.

Do you still expect hundreds and thousands of percent profit per month, and that the broker will allow you to withdraw such huge amounts every month? You’re still naive.

Are you mesmerized by such words in the description as “NOT a grid, NOT a martingale, tested on REAL ticks”? There will be no meaningless slogans here.

Are you attracted to products with beautiful panels and pictures that seem professional? I beg you, professional developers have no time to draw children’s pictures. 


Then I have something for you. It’s not the Grail, it’s not the promise of profit, it’s not extortion, it’s not cheating. It’s just something I’ve been doing for ten years. 

I just write robots for you and these robots are simple and easy to set up. This robot is really stable, since 2013, and there is no point in me deceiving you.

The robot trades on H1 EURUSD. Just put it on this currency pair and time frame.

NOTHING needs to be configured, NOTHING needs to be reconfigured. This is all complete nonsense. Never worry about constantly reconfiguring your trading systems. It doesn’t work. Never.

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You can only choose a risk that is acceptable to you (fixed or progressive lot) and test the robot in the tester. You can choose STOP LOSS and TAKE PROFIT.

Please do not contact the AUTHOR with suggestions, because youNOT professionals, youYou don’t know what’s best. Just use this bot if you like it.


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