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NQ Angled Averages Oscillator


What is AAO?

It is an indicator composed of two oscillators (one main and one auxiliary) fully adjustable, where you can choose from the speed to the type of calculation to be performed (there are 17 different types of calculations). There are two peripheral levels and one zero level. Simple to use and very efficient.

What it does?

By calculating the slope applied to averages at two different speeds, AAO is able to show you signs at the best times to enter and exit an operation. These signals will appear in the form of crossing levels and/or crossing of the averages, and your action is precisely to observe this crossings and press the button to buy or sell, according to what was observed.

Are there any false signs?

Yes. Like any indicator that works in a variable market, the AAO is also subject to error. To avoid them, use it in more than one timeframe to get confirmation of the movement.

How to use it?

As stated earlier, just look at the crossing of levels and the crossing of averages, and follow some rules. With a brief observation in past trading sessions you will understand these rules, and after learning them, the entry into operations will take place almost automatically and without passing heat.

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