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The OandaX product series is designed to display additional data on orders and positions provided by the Oanda FxLabsservice .

The OandaX Ratio indicator is designed to display the latest up-to-date information on the instrument from the source specified in the settings. To constantly update the data, it is necessary that the OandaX 5 Download Manager Expert Advisor works in the terminal. To display the already downloaded data, the presence of a working Expert Advisor is not necessary.

At the moment, the indicator can show:

  • the ratio of traders ‘ positions as a percentage
  • the ratio of traders ‘ positions in absolute terms (the number of traders with long or short positions), if the data source supports
  • the ratio of lots of positions in absolute terms, if the data source supports

  • Data source – the source of the data to display
  • What kind of data to display – type of data-percentage, number of traders or number of lots
  • Use Custom Instrument – if True, the data will be displayed for the instrument specified in the Custom Instrument Name setting, if False, the data will be for the current instrument.
  • Custom Instrument Name – the name of the instrument whose data you want to display. To display data on EURUSD, you need to register “EUR_USD“, gold – “XAU_USD
  • UTC Offset. Set like “3” or ” -2 ” if custom-UTC is the offset of your broker’s server. If “AUTO” is specified, the indicator will use the offset calculated by the OandaX Download Manager Expert Advisor.
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