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Have you ever reinstalled the technical analysis tools on the chart because the previous ones are outdated and do not reflect the real situation?

Have you ever wanted to copy a line, a Fibonacci level, or a channel to another chart, or even to multiple charts?

Object Copier copies any object to one or more graphs.

It doesn’t matter if you changed it or installed it from scratch. You can easily copy the graphical elements of your technical analysis to other graphs with the same settings.

Just set the technical indicator on the initial chart.

Click the select button to determine which charts to copy the object to with all its characteristics (color, style, text, and even custom Fibonacci levels). Activate the switch on the charts to which you want to copy the objects and confirm your choice. In other words, to copy an object, you just need to touch it and click the small button that appears.

If you change your mind about copying, just keep working. After a couple of seconds, the button will disappear.

Object Copier copies any graphical objects that can be set to the graph.

This product is sure to become an important tool in the arsenal of your analytical tools.

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