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OHLC External Candle


Indicator of external candlesticks superimposed on the chart with the selected time frame.
Visually display the
OHLC levels and the passed ATR value of the current candle and candles in the

OHLC-abbreviation, literally stands for:
O-open (price
opening of the interval (bar or Japanese candle)).

H — high (the maximum price of the interval).
L — low (minimum price of the interval).
C — close (the closing price of the interval).

This indicator will clearly show the trader the opening and closing levels, as well as the levels
the lows and highs of
the previous external candlesticks (older periods) superimposed directly on the current chart. 

The advantage of working with this indicator is that the Trader adds the indicator to the chart of the currency pair
with junior enabled
the time frame will always be aware of where the last hour, thirty minutes began and closed,

fifteen, five minutes, a day, a week, a month. And at what price the extremes of these periods were recorded.

Everyone knows that a time frame is a period of time considered in the technical analysis of free financial markets,
which there is a change in prices and other market data, during the construction of price charts.

[spoiler title=”

In the MetaTrader 4 trading terminal there is a standard option to switch the chart periods to switch which one
you can simply
press the buttons: M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4,
D1, W1, MN
(time frame of the month period).

This indicator draws candlesticks older than the currently selected chart period and draws them directly on top of the chart itself.
And also draws
OHLC levels of the candlesticks (bars) displayed by the indicator and ATR values
candlesticks(bars) formed and already formed.

At all displayed levels, you can enable price tags in the indicator settings. To know the exact price of the levels and work with it.

Color of the Open and Close lines at the ascending candle – Color of the opening and closing lines on the ascending
candle, default: DodgerBlue

Color of the Open and Close lines at the descending candle
– The color of the opening and closing lines on the descending candle, by
default: DarkOrange.

Width Open Close lines-The thickness of the opening and closing lines of the candle or bar, by default: 2.
Style lines
Open Close at a width of 1
– The style of the opening and closing lines of the candle, with a thickness of 1, by default: Solid.

Lengths line
Open Close High Low
– The length of the Open Close High Low line, by default: ray.
Alignment lines for the candle to close
Alignment of the candle closing price lines, default: LeftPart.

How many periods forward to draw the cut length – How many periods forward to draw the line if the Cut length is selected
(segment), default: 3.

On / Off price labels of all lines – On / off price labels of all lines.
On / Off value of ATR of external
– On / off value of ATR of external candles.

On / Off High and Low lines – On / off the high
and low lines.

The color of the lines, the style with a thickness of 1, and the thickness of the High and Low lines can also be changed at your discretion.

The period of the indicator candlesticks must be greater than the selected period of the terminal chart.

The indicator is useful for traders to trade within the day. On time frames: from M1 and higher.

If the external candle is not displayed on the lower time frame, update the chart or download the quotes
low-order time frames from
the broker’s server.


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