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Only Buy and only Sell


this expert Advisor is composed based on the plan from the video.

The Expert Advisor can be placed on just two charts of the same currency pair by assigning them distinct Magic number and specifying different trading instructions with the parameter
management of trade.

The strategy was slightly changed. The video shows that the closing of the trade without a gain, so to talk to zero. This Expert Advisor
closes the profit every time at the cost of the grid step . Also added the capability to put the profit level at which the EA will
close all positions in its direction and if the parameter Should I open a new series of positions? If set to true, it will start a new
series of positions, otherwise it will wait for a restart.

The Expert Advisor took into account all the shortcomings and mistakes made in the free version.

According to the first observations, a deposit of $150 is enough to trade a lot of 0.01 and change the price by 1000 five-digit points without a sufficient pullback to
close counter positions.

If you look at the GBPUSD chart for March 2020, you can see a downward movement of ≈ 17,000 points. Such a move can
only be sustained by the Expert Advisor with a deposit of $5000. For such “gifts”, each trader should independently take appropriate measures.

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Direction of
— The direction of the trade.
— The size of the contract to trade.
— The grid step. For metals, select separately.
— The amount of profit after reaching which to close all” your ” positions. If 0, then do not close.
Should I open a new series of positions? — if this
parameter is set to true, it will start a new series of positions.
-ID of the Expert Advisor to distinguish” your ” positions and orders.


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