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Open buy and limit mt5


The script opens 5 orders (buy) with 1 stop loss and 5 different take profits. And places 4 limit orders (to buy).
By default, the following parameters are set:
Stop loss for all open orders – 120 pips
Take profit for 1 order (lot 0,1) – 30 pips
take profit for other 4 orders (lot 0,04) – 50, 90, 140, 200 pips.
The stop loss for limit orders is 135-140 pips from the current price (at the time of placing orders).
The distance of each limit order is 20 pips.
The lot size with micro-martingale is 0.04, 0.05, 0.06, 0.08.
Limit orders are set to auto-delete after 2 days. 
To support open positions, you can use this Expert Advisor
You can order the script with your own parameters or with the settings window before running.
Personally, it is convenient for me to run the script without a confirmation window for the parameters.
Version of the script for MT4 –  
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