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Open Interest for tester MT5


Open curiosity (few of open positions) will be the number of active futures contracts. usually, it’s not the open interest that is examined, but its change. It is often used by traders in addition to quantity for a more complete understanding of the market situation.

MetaTrader broadcasts open interest in the futures market, but does not store it in the background. So much, the only alternative on which many of those indexes are based is to save the background to a file and play it on the chart. This index uses the same technology, but includes a number of important advantages:

Operation is possible in 3 modes:

  • normal indicator mode for manual trading.
  • call from the expert Advisor.
  • work in the tester (independently or when called from the expert Advisor). In this case, the indicator simulates the candlesticks of the open interest chart. The accuracy of history playback is up to 1 second.

The indicator is WORKING:

  • on the futures market FORTS.
  • in any other market for which open interest values are broadcast online.

The indicator does NOT WORK:

  • on the SPOT market
  • on the FOREX market.
  • on mobile devices and in the cloud (VPS).
  • work on demo accounts is not guaranteed (depends on the broker).
  • it is not guaranteed to work on gluing futures (depends on the broker).

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Data is written to the file when the indicator is deinitialized:

  • when the indicator is disabled from the chart.
  • when the terminal is turned off.
  • when changing the symbol / timeframe.
  • when the price history changes (the terminal automatically restarts all indicators).

Keep in mind that if the terminal is turned off incorrectly (restarting the computer, disabling the terminal through the task Manager, etc.), the history will not be saved to a file.


  • Save_History-write history to a file (recommended)

Indicator buffers:

0-opening, 1-maximum, 2-minimum, 3-closing, 4-color.

I recommend that you download the demo version before buying the indicator and check its performance on the strategy tester. Since the demo version is not possible on a real chart, and the recording will not be available, I will post files with the recorded history from 22.05.2018 to 21.06.2018 in the discussion. You need to put them in the common folder of terminals (“CommonFilesOpen_Interest”) and check the operation of the indicator. For more information, see “Discussions”.

Buyers of the indicator will receive the history recorded by me from 22.05.2018 to the current date as a bonus. I do not guarantee 100% quality of the story. The files are recorded by me for personal use and delivered “as is”.


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