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This Expert Advisor permits you to open purchase or sell places with pre-set parameters.

after opening a place, a trailing stop is automatically triggered in accordance with the specified conditions.

remember that the trailing stop functions on the client side. in case the connection is lost, the server remembers the last set stop loss.

The stop loss value is specified in points or automatically calculated based on the danger percentage of the open place value.

The risk percentage takes precedence over the stop loss value (in points).

If the transaction has a minimum lot of 0.01, and the risk percentage is also set to the minimum value, the server may not accept the stop loss. In such a situation, you just need to increase the percentage of risk.

The Expert Advisor is programmed to perform only one operation at a time.

After closing the trade, the Expert Advisor is automatically deleted, and to open a new trade, you need to start it again.

  • Buy or Sell – buy or sell
  • Lots – lots
  • Take Profit (in points) – take profit (in points)
  • Stop Loss (in points) – stop loss (in points)
  • Trailing Stop Level (in points) – the level of the trailing stop (in points)
  • Stop Loss (in % on amount position) – stop loss (as a percentage of the position amount)
  • Operation confirmation – confirmation of the operation (additional confirmation is required before executing the order)

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31 July 2015

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