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Original Candle Analysis


This index combines the features of the indicators you already know: https://www.mql5.com/ru/market/product/13270 and https://www.mql5.com/ru/market/product/14287. Its peculiarity is that the user receives a flexible response instrument, taking into consideration his ability to respond to the market situation. So the Original Candles indicator permits you to identify support and resistance levels that aren’t immediately visible. On the screen you will see a sort of candles with all their inherent properties. by using the inpmodecandels parameter to select the display model that best suits your trading style, you can find significant price levels quite effectively. From the Big Candle indicator, the system for recognizing candle formations in relation to the original candles is taken and is a panel that is located by the user in a convenient place and allows you to identify a candle pattern formed by a combination of three candles, but based on the idea that this is a single candle. At the same time, a candle called a large one covers three candles on any timeframe. The candle formations that you can see relate to single candle patterns:

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  • Yo Sen (bullish);
  • In sen (In Sen, the bearish);
  • Hammer (bullish);
  • Hanging man (bearish);
  • Inverted Hammer (Bullish);
  • Shooting Star (bearish);
  • A standard doji or doji-the star;
  • Long-legged doji;
  • Doji-tombstone;
  • Doji is the dragonfly.

As well as models:

  • Bearish engulfing candlestick pattern;
  • Three outside bars down;
  • A curtain of dark clouds;
  • Evening doji Star;
  • Bearish harami cross;
  • Three from the inside down;
  • Three black crows;
  • Evening Star;
  • The bullish engulfing pattern;
  • Three outer bars up;
  • Bullish harami cross;
  • Three from the inside up;
  • Piercing Candle;
  • Three white soldiers;
  • Morning doji star.

  • corner – The corner of the indicator output chart. Default is upper left;
  • inpmodecandles-select the candle display model (accurate or rough). The default setting is fine-tuning.
  • Bullish_candle – bullish candle. Default is Blue;
  • Bearish_candle – bearish candle. Default is Red;
  • Line_candle – line. The default is Green.
  • Fill color candles-color the candle. Disabled by default.
  • set_Alert signal the formation of the pattern. Enabled by default.
  • Inclusion levels Fibo-enable (true) or disable (false) fibo levels.
  • Installing Fibo Bobokus levels-enabling fibo Bobokus levels (true) or enabling standard fibo levels (false).
  • Distance to turn Fib levels Bobokus — distance in points between the points of the last movement for visualization of Fib levels Bobokus.
  • Color Fibonacci zone — the color of the Bobokus fibo levels.

The peculiarity of the indicator is that it displays candlestick patterns in a standard manner, which is displayed on the line ” 3 bars:”, and only on a large candle – “Big:”. In the display panel, we can observe new highs and lows, where their value and the amount of excess in points are indicated. We should always remember that any patterns can not be a guarantee that the price will not ignore them. The display supports both English and Russian is also the language of the conclusion of names of patterns. Additionally, the indicator is equipped with the option of setting Fibonacci levels, which makes this display system unique.


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