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Preferred pair for USDCAD trading

Conditions for purchases of the “Ozy_M15” trading system»:

1) The price is above the SMA 48 moving average.
2) A downward price correction begins, but the moving average inside this correction should not be crossed by the body of the candle.
3) At the same time, the correction itself should deepen at least to the lower line of the Ozymandias indicator.
4) After that, as soon as the closing price of the next candle is above the upper line of the Ozymandias indicator (no more than 10 points), a purchase transaction is made.
5) The stop loss is 15 points.
6) After passing 15 points in the positive zone, the transaction is transferred to breakeven.
7) Take profit is equal to 90 points.
8) Repeated signals can be traded with an active order only if the active trade is already at breakeven.

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