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Parabolic SAR strategies EA


Parabolic SAR strategies EA is an Expert Advisor based on Parabolic SAR that uses a variety of strategies. By purchasing an Expert Advisor, you will not need to spend time automating your strategy on PSAR and writing your own Expert Advisor code. At the same time, you can choose the optimal strategy for yourself thanks to the configurable parameters and compatibility with the strategy tester. The Expert Advisor supports scalping, short-term and long-term strategies. Below are the parameters of the Expert Advisor:

Attention: The default settings are given in the Expert Advisor for example. Before using the Expert Advisor, be sure to specify the appropriate settings for you.

  • Lots – the lot size for opening trades. If the value is greater than zero, a fixed lot will be used.
  • RiskPercentage – risk per trade as a percentage of available funds. To use this parameter, you must specify 0 in Lots.
  • TakeProfit – the value of the fixed take profit in points. At 0, the take profit is not used.
  • StopLoss – the value of the fixed stop loss in points. At 0, the stop loss is not used.
  • CloseOnReverseSignal-if set to 1 or true, trades will close when the opposite signal appears.
  • WaitForCrossBarClose-the trade will be made only after the completion of the formation of the bar on which the signal appeared.
  • OneTradeAtAtime – if set to true, only one trade can be opened at a time.
  • MaximumTrades – if a value greater than 0 is specified, it means the maximum allowed number of open trades at a given time.

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Settings for the trailing stop:

  • AllowTrailingStop – the value true allows the use of a trailing stop.
  • TrailDistance – the distance of the trailing stop from the price in points.
  • TrailTrigger – start of trailing after reaching the specified profit in points.
  • TrailStep – the trailing step between the stop loss change in points. Prevents too frequent modification and saves memory usage.

Parabolic SAR Settings:

  • PsarStep-step for Parabolic SAR.
  • PsarMaximum – maximum for Parabolic SAR.

A buy signal or a sign of a growing trend in the Expert Advisor is the appearance of the first Parabolic SAR point below the minimum of the bar at which the trend changes. A sell signal or a sign of a falling trend is the appearance of the first trend change point above the bar’s maximum.


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