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Partial Close Sell Position


Bee’s Partial Close Open Sell Positions On Chart Symbol

This is one script of many of my Scripts that when combined can be used for more efficient and faster trade executions on MT5 and especially when set up with Hotkey’s or dedicated trading keyboards

This script Partial Closes Sell Open Sell Positions Regardless Of Symbol (DRAG AND DROP ON THE CHART YOUD LIKE TO PARTIALLY CLOSE THE SELL POSITION ON) and if Position in Profit or Loss

The Fastest way to Partially Close Open Sell Positions (ON RESPECTIVE CHARTS)

NOTE: How Much of your Sell Position You Can Close Partially depends on the MIN or MAX that your Broker Allows

eg: WTI Min to close would say be 1 LOT at A time, whilst Gold would say be 0,10 lots at a time (your partial close settings on this script has to be in line with what your specific broker allows).

Drag Drop Set Done

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