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PC5 Forex Robot Trading


Introduction to PC5 Forex Robot Trading


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The Robot automatically places trades based on two indicators (Momentum indicator and Relative Strength Index). Can be used on 1M charts up to Monthly charts.

Our Robot will then try to make some money in that trade but there are times (about 7% of them) where the trade does not go into profit. In these cases we do not close the trades (we can if we want to use this option), but we chose not to use the “stop loss”, and at that point holding on the does losses “DD”, the Robot will look for a second trade and finally a third and last trade to leave the “bad trade into profit“. We call this “Rolling over the trade”

The robot will stick to these “trades” with no definite end until it returns to PROFIT, or we can also manually enter the scene and close the trade in question if we want and feel better doing it.

In other words the EA puts up to three trades “everything completely automatic” trying to go into profit in the combination of the three open trades!!!

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