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Pending Line Super Order


Pending Line Super order is a professional Advisor for Forex trading, which is a wise method for opening pending orders.

on the specialist Advisor is very easy to use. First, you choose the order type (buy, Sell), drag the line to establish the price, stop loss, take profit, click the Send Order button, along with the pending order will open instantly.

The expert Advisor works on 4-or 5-digit agents, with all pairs along with timeframes.

The demonstration version for testing could be downloaded here : https://www.mql5.com/ru/market/product/11287

  • 3 options for money direction.
      1. Fixed lot.
      2. MM as % of the balance (lot calculation as % of the account balance).
      3. Risk in $ (calculation of the lot from the stop loss in the account currency).

        Example: “Risk to $” = 50 means that the order will be closed when the loss reaches$50

      • Button for immediate clearing/deleting a pending order.
      • A function of sending a notification by e-mail.
      • Adding a spread to an order (automatically adding a spread to the opening price).

          • Select_Mode: enter a number to select the mode.
            1. Fix Lot.
            2. MM % BALANCE (calculation of the lot as a % of the account balance).
            3. Risk to $ (calculation of the lot from the stop loss in the currency of your account).
          • Alert_To_Email: specify the email address for receiving notifications about opening or closing an order.
          • Add_Spread_To_Order: true/false (automatically adds the spread to the order opening price).
          • Magic_Start: specify the magic number for all orders opened by the expert Advisor. A unique number is required if you run another expert Advisor on your account at the same time.
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