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Percent Crosshair MT4


percent Crosshair is a powerful and simple percentage measurement tool.

quick measurement of proportions on the graph! stop wasting your time!

simply attach the Percent Crosshair indicator to the graph, select the Crosshair mode on the toolbar, or press Ctrl F and use the crosshair in your normal manner! The percentages will be displayed near the indicative price.

Customize your indicator to suit your requirements!

you are given four parameters to enter:

  • positive % colour: Adjusts the color for positive percentages.
  • Negative % color: Adjusts the color for negative percentages.
  • Font size: adjusts the font size.
  • Number of digits after decimal point: specify a larger number (max. 8) if you need to get a more accurate percentage value.

Important: Works with all tools.

Important: Works with all tools.

You don’t have to use the calculator anymore!

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