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The Period separators indicator divides the periods according to the user’s choice.

Available periods – all timeframes of the terminal, large and multiples of the current timeframe. If an incorrect timeframe is set, the indicator will correct the user by selecting the correct one. Additional bonus, non-standard periods of the lunar cycles MOON, MOON/2, MOON/4.

The separators are drawn using indicator arrays. The indicator uses a single graphic object to draw the progress of the period and the bar. The graphic object is available for dragging by the user.

The indicator works correctly even on broken quotes of the RTS type.


  • VLINE-separators are drawn with vertical lines;
  • AREA-delimiters enclose the quotation area;
  • NONE – do not draw indicator arrays (does not apply to a graphic object);
  • FULL_MOON – full moon;
  • NEW_MOON – new moon;
  • PER_BAR-draw both parts of the progress;
  • PER_NULL-draw only the part related to delimiters;
  • NULL_BAR-draw only the part related to the current bar;
  • NULL_NULL – do not draw a graphic object;
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