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Personal Assistant Tool MT5


If you want to draw Support and Resistance lines, view: daily market opening levels, classic reversal levels, Fibonacci reversal levels, trend lines, Fibonacci levels, time to close the candle, as well as the current spread.

If you want to place your orders with the exact lot that meets your desired stop loss risk.

If you want to do all this and much more with just one click, then this is the perfect tool for you.

This tool will allow you to feel more relaxed when making a decision about opening orders, as well as when forecasting your profit/loss. With the help of the Personal Assistant Tool, placing orders becomes very accurate and professional.

Order Panel

This panel is used to calculate the required lot that is suitable for the acceptable risk of a stop loss. You will be able to choose a certain percentage of the risk from the balance or funds that you are ready to lose at the stop loss point, and the tool will automatically calculate the required lot.

Then, with just one click, the order will be sent immediately.

Below are the values of the parameters:

  • Risk: This percentage can be selected based on the balance or funds, the amount of risk is shown.
  • SL
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