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Advertising rate: $30 – rate will certainly enhance with the variety of duplicates offered!

Advertising rate: $30 – rate will certainly enhance with the variety of duplicates offered!

The EA is based upon 3 WPR and also 1 RSI and also a Bollinger Bands sign. The Bollinger Bands is the major filtering system sign, the EA professions can ready to trade either when bands expand or when bands tightens. If Bollinger Bands enables a profession, the worths of the various other indications are fed right into a 3 layer semantic network to filter the signal. If this semantic network shows that configuration is tradable, the similar inputs are fed right into an additional semantic network to choose profession instructions. Each profession is independent from various other professions, each has actually dealt with SL and also TP worths.

No grid, no martingale, no hedging.

Default setups are maximized for EURUSD, H1, nonetheless, all criteria are public and also might be maximized for any type of various other currency/timeframe.

  • MagicNumber: serial number for this EA. Permit EA to deal with the following 50 magic numbers as well.
  • Money_FixLots: readied to a > 0 worth to make EA professions dealt with whole lot dimensions
  • Money_RiskPercent: risk this percent of account equilibrium for each and every profession
  • TP: take revenue in factors
  • SLMulti: SL: TP proportion (0.5 indicates SL is fifty percent of TP, 1.0 ways they coincide, 2.0 indicates SL is two times the TP, and so on)

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  • GMTOffsetHours: broker’s present GMT balanced out – need to be established precisely!
  • MinTradeHour, MaxTradeHour: throughout what duration might the EA go into the marketplace
  • WPR1, WPR2, WPR3: the durations the 3 WPR indications, WPR1 < WPR2 < WPR3 should hold true
  • RSI: the RSI sign’s duration
  • Bands, MaxBandWidth: Duration of Bollinger Bands, and also the limit size of bands
  • TradeWhenWidens: if real EA professions when bands expand, if incorrect EA professions when bands slim.
  • BuySellMidpoint: the default predisposition of the signal semantic network. 0.5 indicates no predisposition, worths reduced after that 0.5 mean predisposition in the direction of markets, greater worths imply predisposition in the direction of buys
  • SignalStrength: the necessary toughness of the network signal to cause an access. Must be in between 0.05 and also 0.5
  • w00. w11, b0, b1, b2: the weights of the signal semantic network links. Advised to maximize in between -16 and also 16 with actions
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