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The Pin Bar Scanner indicator scans the symbols specified in the Market Overview window, or all the symbols available in the MT4 terminal.

The indicator displays two types of alerts: Emerging alert for emerging pin bars andFormed alert for pin bars that are fully formed on a closed bar. The panel also displays a list of characters from both categories that meet the specified criteria.

A. Basic settings

  • Wick Percentage: The percentage threshold for the shadow (tail) of the bars. This is the percentage of the upper or lower shadows (tails) to the entire length of the bar.
  • Market Watch Only: Specify true for processing the symbols listed in the Market Watch window, or false for processing all symbols in the MT4 terminal.
  • Warning Minutes: To avoid constant alerts about emerging bars, the user can specify the minutes before closing the bar, when a warning alert about a possible pin bar will be sent.

B. Display Settings

  • Font Size: the size of the font on the panel.
  • Dashboard Background: If you want to combine the background color of the chart with the color of the information displayed in the dashboard, set the value to true in the Dashboard Background parameter. If set to false, the background is transparent.
  • Background Color: The background color of the panel.

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C. Alert Settings

  • Popup Alert: Specify trueto allow pop-ups and sound alerts. Specify falseto disable the setting.
  • Email Notification: Specify trueto receive email notifications. Specify falseto disable the setting.
  • Push Notification: Specify trueto receive push notifications to an Apple or Android device. Specify falseto disable the setting.

If the standard layout of the panel is not successful, move it to a convenient place on the chart. This is done by selecting the Pin Bar Scanner header and dragging it to the desired location. Drag the panel, and the entire contents of the panel will also change location.


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