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Rubricator 67: How to Ignore the Rules Properly

Rubricator 67: How to Ignore the Rules Properly

May 27, 2022

Breaking the rules is a direct path to loss. At least that's what 99% of the sources say. In p

WallStreet Forex Robot is a trending Expert Advisor for conservative strategies

WallStreet Forex Robot is a trending Expert Advisor for conservative strategies

May 25, 2022

The Expert Advisor was first introduced in 2011. For more than 10 years, at least two of its up

Item 70: Long-term Strategies

Item 70: Long-term Strategies

May 24, 2022

Long-term strategies - strategies designed to hold a deal for several days, sometimes weeks. Th

How To Determine If The Market is Strong Or Weak?

Strength Meter uses an Adaptive Algorithm That Detect Price Action Strength In 4 Important Levels!

This powerful filter gives you the ability to determine setups with the best probability.

  • Universal compatibility to different trading systems
  • Advance analysis categorized in 4 levels
    • Level 1 (Weak) ‚Äď Indicates us to WAIT. This will help avoid false moves
      • Weak Bullish ‚Äď Early signs bullish pressure
      • Weak Bearish ‚Äď Early signs bearish pressure
    • Level 2 (Moderate) ‚Äď We can look to enter trades with confirmation
      • Moderate Bullish ‚Äď Evident sign of bullish pressure
      • Moderate Bearish ‚Äď Evident sign of bearish pressure
    • Level 3 (Strong) ‚Äď Stronger direction. We can look to enter trades with less confirmation
      • Strong Bullish ‚Äď Higher probability and confirmed bullish pressure
      • Strong Bearish ‚Äď Higher probability and confirmed bearish pressure
    • Level 4 (Impulsive/Exhaustive) ‚Äď Take CAUTION, it required further analysis since price can go either way
      • Impulsive/Exhaustive Bullish ‚Äď Extremely bullish. Can indicate 2 scenarios
        • Strong bullish breakout. A sign of a strong uptrend. Recommended to ENTER buy/long positions
        • Climactic move in uptrend, a sign of bearish reversal. Recommended to EXIT long/buy positions
      • Impulsive/Exhaustive Bearish ‚Äď Extremely bearish. Can indicate 2 scenarios
        • Strong bearish breakout . A sign of strong downtrend. Recommended to ENTER sell/short positions
        • Climactic move in downtrend, a sign of bullish reversal. Recommended to EXIT sell/short positions
  • Strength Filter ‚Äď Ideally used to confirm your trade setups

Key Features of Algorithmic Trading Software

22 July 2016


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