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PipFinite Volume Critical


Volume Gives Depth To Price Action!

Volume Critical can accurately locate the cheapest areas to place trades.

Enter reversals as early as possible to get the best Risk Reward setups!

  • Aggressive algorithm that anticipates reversals
  • Volume Classifications
    • Gray Histograms – Normal Volume, average market activity
    • Orange Histogram Trending Volume, increased market activity
    • Pink Histograms – Overbought Volume, we can wait for further confirmation to sell
    • Blue Histograms – Oversold Condition, we can wait for further confirmation to buy
    • Red Histograms – Extreme Overbought Volume, Higher probability selling area
    • Green Histograms – Extreme Oversold Volume, Higher probability buying area
  • Reversal Filter, can improve results of Overbought/Oversold indicators
  • Exit Strategy
    • Support/Resistance Areas
    • Reversal signals from price action patterns
    • We can use Exit Scope as alternate exit strategy
  • Never repaints
  • Never backpaints
  • Never recalculates
  • Signals strictly on the “Opening of the bar”
  • Works in ALL pairs
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