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PipTick Volume Delta MT4


The PipTick Volume Delta indicator shows the difference between Bid and
Ask volumes. In fact, it shows which side of the market participants
(buyers or sellers) was more active in a certain period of
time. Bid and Ask volume calculations are based on our PipTick indicator
Bid-Ask Volume.

As you know, the Forex market is decentralized, and therefore there is no
reliable information about real volumes. There is also no data on the current and
historical value of the Bid volume (the volume of sellers) and the Ask volume (the volume of
buyers). However, you can use the tick volume of Bid prices and
Ask to determine the activity of buyers and sellers. Thus,
our special algorithm allows us to obtain a similar volume as on
the futures market. With this function, you can
analyze the flow of buy and sell orders.

First, it should be noted that the use of the indicator on the
in the older indicators, it leads to the opposite results. The number of
buyers and sellers is balanced on the higher timeframes, so the
indicator has no informative value. Therefore, it is recommended
use it on charts with a timeframe from M1 to M5.

The context of the order flow in the market should be analyzed for the last
10-30 minutes. It is always necessary to evaluate the activity of both parties,
buyers and sellers.

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In fact, there are several order flow context scenarios available:

  • Do not switch timeframes while the indicator is running.

  • The indicator shows the difference between the Bid and Ask volumes
  • A simple comparison of the activity of buyers and sellers
  • Pop-up alerts for indicator values
  • Works on any timeframe
  • The indicator does not redraw
  • Real-time data required
  • Saving indicator data to a file
  • Excellent results together with support and resistance levels
  • The perfect tool for scalping
  • Very fast calculations
  • Designed for MT4 and MT5

  • Volume_Delta_Mode – Volume delta mode, options: Negative Down/Positive Up, Negative Up or Positive Up
  • Record_Ticks_History-allow saving tick history data to a file
  • Histogram_Thickness – the width of the resulting histogram
  • Color_Positive_Delta – color of the Bid volume with a positive delta
  • Color_Negative_Delta – color of the Bid volume with a negative delta
  • Alert – enable / disable alerts when the volume delta exceeds a certain value
  • Alert_Threshold – selecting a threshold value
  • Alert_Sound-select an audio file for alerts

  • Volume_Delta – volume delta value


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