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Pivot Points High Low Missed Reversal Levels LUX


  • Pivot Size: Decide the “Bar Depend Reversals” window measurement. greater values will spotlight extra vital reversals. 

Different settings management the look of the displayed graphical parts throughout the indicator. 


Missed reversals are highlighted by labels with an inverted arrow, a  Zig-Zag line connecting a missed reversal is dashed. Observe that labels are offset by -Pivot Size bars (except for the newest one), and as such are detected additional forward of their location. 

When a missed reversal is detected, a degree is displayed, beginning on the location of the missed reversal and ending when a brand new missed reversal is detected. 

These ranges can be utilized as help and resistance . 

The latest label estimates the attainable location of a confirmed reversal, and can repeatedly readjust whether or not value makes a brand new greater excessive/decrease low relying on the kind of beforehand detected pivot . A degree can be made out of this estimated reversal.

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