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POC level is the most important tool for trading on the Forex market, when it is not possible to see real volumes. POC level displays the Point Of Control (POC) levels of the Market profile on the chart ) for the area that is marked with a rectangle. This indicator will significantly improve the accuracy of your position entries. The indicator automatically calculates the POC level for any array of candles marked with a rectangular area.

To get the POC level, just create and drag a rectangle onto the array of candlesticks on the chart. The Point Of Control levels of candle flops and accumulations are ideal places to enter a position, since when working on a trend, the probability of a rebound from the POC level is much higher than the probability of a breakdown. The calculation is based on the tick volumes of the MetaTrader 4 terminal and in 80% of cases exactly coincides with the volume levels on futures in terms of the Forex market.

  • Rectangle 1 color – the color of the button 1 and the rectangle to be created
  • Rectangle 2 color – the color of the button 2 and the rectangle being created
  • Rectangle as background (true ) / Outline (false ) – rectangle or its contour
  • Point of control ( true ) / Midline (false ) – calculate POC or midline
  • Maximum bars in rectangle – the maximum number of bars in the rectangle for calculating the POC
  • Sound enable – sound on the buttons

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Version of the indicator for the MT5 terminal

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