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this powersignal system is based on ATR technical indicators. Indicators record the current state of the POWERTREND trend strength on every examined timeframe and currency pair. The powersignal index creates a trend strength sign and a list of entry points based on the test of this data. If there is a full match of signals on any pair, the indicator notifies you about it at a pop-up window. The list of data includes symbols, timeframes M5-MN1, percent for buypercent purchase signal, percentage for sellpercent sell signal, lastEntry worth. lastEntry shows entry points (intervals, price, time). once the trend intensity exceeds 75%, the currency pair is considered strong.

  • Periods = 14 – periods of the indicator.
  • Text color = White – the color of the plain text.
  • Buy Signal color = LawnGreen – the color of the long signal.
  • Sell signal color = orangered – the color of the short signal.
  • alert_on = false-disable the notification. true-enable: message, email, push notification.
  • Alert_Min_Interval = 15
  • entry_percent = PERCENT_100 – percentage requirements for entering PERCENT_100 or higher.
  • wait_mins_for_next_signal = 30 – time to wait for the next signal.

  • Daying Cao, an experienced software engineer.
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